Jul 25

Myrtle Rust (Uredo rangelii) is a Major Concern.


Myrtle rust is causing great concern for Arborists and Tree Care professionals nation wide. Myrtle rust is a disease caused by a fungus which is spread via spores on contaminated clothing, infected plant material, insects, wind and animals.


Myrtle rust affects plants in the Myrtaceae family and some of the species it infects are Callistemon, Melaleauca and Eucalyptus spp.

When a plant is infected the new growth will become stunted, in the worst scenario the infection results in death.


Myrtle Rust infection on Agonis flexuosa

This photo displays a typical myrtle rust infection.


Control methods currently in practice are as follows,


  • Remove and dispose of infected plant materials by incineration
  • Application of fungicide
  • Quarantine of infected areas
  • Spore trapping to prevent spreading


Unfortunately little is actually known about the disease, but the implications of such a fungus that thrives purely on Myrtaceae spp is undoubtly potentially devastating for the Australian Native Forrests!


If you suspect any symptoms, please report them to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.


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