Jul 26

Out with the Loppers.

It’s great to find this site which is informative and very interesting. It seems to me from observing trees in and around Brisbane (even from a layman’s point of view) that there is a lack of education and awareness amongst the public as to the difference between tree lopping and correct tree pruning.

There are so many examples of beautiful specimens that have clearly been butchered by tree loppers, having no regard to the structural integrity, beauty and longevity of the tree.

It is certainly very worrying to me that there are companies out there who are promoting themselves as tree specialists when their only objective is to secure a job, with no thought for the future consequences to the tree.

It is very reassuring to see that there are still people out there who are passionate about our environment and the beauty of the tree, and who are willing to try and educate people as to the perils of tree lopping.

http://evergreentreecare.com.au/ for more info


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