Aug 01

Tree Profile Hymenosporum flavum (Native frangipani)

Hymenosporum flavum or native frangipani is one of the most hardy and popular Australian indigenous species in cultivation.

Hymenosporum flavum is the only species in the genus Hymenosporum making it a monotypic species! The genus closely resembles Pittosporum.

It is indigenous to coastal brush forrests of eastern Australia.

It has a fairly narrow growh habit. In its natural habit it can grow up to 25 meters. In urban landscapes around Brisbane it usually gets to about 10 meters in ideal conditions. It is for this reason that it is recommended for small gardens around Brisbane.

Typical growth habit of a healthy Hymenosporum


It grows well in a sunny position, but can also thrive in part shade. If it is the flowers you seek, then it flowers best in full sun. The flowers are sweet smelling and very aromatic.

The 4 cm diameter flowers in terminal corymbs.

The flowering period extends to early summer.


Typically it will require a well drained soil, high in organic content.

Propagation is successful from fresh seeds, but cuttings will also take if prepared properly by reducing leaf matter on the woody stems..

Always consult a professional tree care expert or Arborist before deciding on planting a tree. Soil preparation may be needed and your local Arborist will know the right steps to take!

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