Aug 02

Hiring an arborist is an important task

You want the best care possible for your landscape, so hiring an arborist is an important task.
Here are a few simple steps to help you maximize your investment.

Make sure the arborist has insurance. To avoid potential liability for damage or injury, only hire a person or company with personal, property damage.

Seek more than one estimate, but be wary of simply hiring the lowest bidder. The cheapest doesn’t mean it’s the best. The ideal arborist follows industry standards and practices, such as those formally recognized through ISA Certification and TCIA Accreditation.

Make sure you have a written bid and contract for the work. You should know when the work will happen, what the job entails – including cleanup – and the total cost to you.

Request a list of references. Make sure the people who have previously hired the arborist were satisfied with the work.
Be sure the arborist you hire follows all applicable local and state laws regarding their work. Examples include obtaining permits and licenses before starting a job.

Be careful of individuals who offer unsolicited work. This is especially true after storms. Reputable companies and arborists do not have to go door to door to obtain customers

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