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Points to Consider when removing a Tree in Brisbane.


  • Does the Tree really have to be removed?
  • Does the Tree add aesthetic value to the property?
  • What is the issue the Tree is creating?
  • Can it be resolved without removal?
  • Do you need an Arborists report?
  • Do you need Council permission?

All too often we are too quick to remove trees. We make great plans for renovations or landscaping and the last thing we ever consider is the value of a mature tree in the grand scheme of things!


As a Tree care professional that has been in the industry for over 10 years, I personally have witnessed some blatant destruction of beautiful trees and have dealt with the regret of clients some months later once they realised the value of the tree.

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Contributing Factors to the regret of the client in many cases were:


  • Shade value during certain times of the year
  • Wildlife habitats and food source
  • The leaves in the pool are actually coming from everywhere!
  • Once the tree has been removed…you can’t put it back!


If all possible avenues have been explored then the next points to consider are:


  • Time of year to remove a tree as far as leaf mass and wildlife activity
  • Contracting the right Tree removal professional
  • Make sure they are fully insured and have experience in large Tree removal!
  • Can the timber resource be utilised by other means? (ie, building material, garden landscaping, firewood etc)
  • Timber resources are a limted resource!

In conclusion.

Before removing a tree consider all other options ie pruning, root barrier, pool cover.

Many large trees can be effectively managed and pruned over time so as to make it possible to co-exist in an urban environment!

Always consider the alternatives before removing a Tree in brisbane!

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