Dec 01

Poincianas In Brisbane

The Poinciana (Delonix regia), has suddenly gifted Brisbane’s streets and yards with a vigorous flourish of scarlet-orange flower clusters. This jewel of Madagascar has long since been a feature of the urban forests within Brisbane city. Some of these semi-deciduous shade trees have existed on older properties for up to 80+ years. Many don the front yards of Brisbane’s best known residences and historical properties.

A beautiful Poinciana tree in Brisbane

Poinciana tree in Brisbane

Planted as both a shade tree and feature tree, the Poinciana quickly takes up space and continues to provide a highly functional and naturally beautiful entity to your property or public park. When in good health the light green foliage can create an almost unbroken canopy giving those seeking shade in summer a naturally cool sanctuary.

Due to their ability to grow quickly and their adaption to a range of living conditions, some Poincianas have caused issues for their property owners. They have a tendency to create heavy leaf and flower drop and their timber is also quite brittle, so fast growing plants may overload lateral branches and cause them to fail. The tree also has a shallow and somewhat invasive root-system; this can create issues with footpaths, garden edges and plumbing. Despite these issues, these trees can be easily managed through proper maintenance and considerate planting and planning.

Arborists who have been maintaining these trees since their inception have created a wonderful legacy for the following generation to enjoy. It is through these high standards the Poinciana of Flamboyant tree, a potentially large tree, has been able to exist in the urban landscape. Generally those specimens displaying the grandeur of their structure have been loved and cared for their whole lives. It is these specimens which provide unchallenged value to properties and spectacular natural displays in late spring.

Like all trees managed correctly, Poincianas have the potential to become amazing natural features of our urban landscape. If you are interested in seeking suitable tress to install or you have an existing tree, speak to your local arborist. They can assist you in the correct and ethical management of your tree and plants.

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