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Mango Trees Brisbane

If you are lucky enough to live in Brisbane you will have noticed our older suburbs are adorned with great mango trees (Mangifera indica). These fantastic trees are usually found in the city’s oldest and most classic Brisbane properties. Their popularity is due to the mango trees ability to provide a well balanced evergreen fruit tree that will grow well in most conditions. It can also grow to a large size and if you are lucky enough to have a tree that fruits well, then you are seldom without a juicy mango.
So if you have a mango tree in your yard or your neighbour does, there are a few simple approaches which will help promote or maintain the health and viability of a mango tree in the urban environment. When seeking advice about these approaches, be sure to engage an arborist, a tree doctor or a tree surgeon as they should be able to provide the best practice in correct tree pruning, tree assessment and complete tree management.

A typical Brisbane back yard with Mango Tree.

Within the city of Brisbane some trees and properties are affected by Natural Asset Law. So if you are a property owner or a person employing tree care professionals to work on a neighbour’s tree, you must remember some of these trees are protected and come with hefty fines if maltreated. This also applies to the willful damaging of trees and the commissioning of tree works being conducted outside the Australian Standard of Amenity Pruning.
Mango trees, along with all our great urban trees are an asset. It is the responsibility of those who are custodians of these trees to make the right decision when caring for them. Do the research and get the right advice. Hire an arborist.

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