May 29

Soil Injection Brisbane

Evergreen Tree Care is now runningĀ a soil injection unit throughout south east Queensland.

The soil injection unit is designed to deliver particular soluble elements and chemicals to the root system of your plants. This is done under pressure and enables the plants’ roots to efficiently take up all the good stuff we are feeding them.

This system if used during construction works to aid in maintaining and protecting trees on construction sites and within tree protection zones.

We also apply the soil injection to help promote sick trees in the urban environment. We aim to diagnose the issues and remedy them with accurately applied mixtures.

Trees that have been recently installed or transplanted can benefit from a soil injection. Transplant stress can be fatal for plants and the onset is usually very fast. A timely applied soil injection can reduce this from happening.

Pest infestation can also be treated by soil injection. Once we identify the pest, we are able to apply the correct chemical to combat the infestation.

The soil injection system is non-invasive and is not harmful to surrounding plants, animals or pets.

This is a proven method and we have had great success across the field in treating plants with soil injection.

Please do not hesitate in contacting any of the Evergreen Tree Care staff in regards to any of your tree care needs.

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