Aug 20

Arborist Pruning Saws.



The popular ZUBAT

With spring poking its head around the corner, some of us will be looking at a lot of spring tree pruning work. This means specialised gear. And if you are like me you are probably sick of lugging that smelly, dirty and noisy top handled chainsaw about. Then thank fully some of the leading hand saw manufacturers are lending a hand (saw).

This is a quick glance at what’s out there, what’s good and what’s not. I really want to hear some feedback on this gear. As arborists we love gear, especially good quality gear and those pieces that evolve technically with time and use.

Silky Saws have recently become the favourite saw of choice around this part of town. They provide a full range of options, replaceable components and very sharp blades.



The ZUBAT is one of the more popular Arborist saws. This saw has a 330mm curved blade. It also has a super comfortable rubber grip and is quite light. It is an all-rounder that holds its edge well and has the added option of the scabbard leg attachment, which is popular with the competition climbers. One annoying issue is the scabbard filling up with saw dust and not allowing the saw to sit snug and therefore allowing it to fall out, not a good look.

Another Silky saw is the SUGOI. It comes in 360mm and 420mm curved blades. As with the ZUBAT this saw has a super comfy rubber handle with hooked end to give it even more control and grip. This is a large handsaw and may not suit all climbers. However it is super sharp and can easily replace a chainsaw for most accurate pruning works.  Sadly though and like the other saws that share the plastic scabbard, the attachment to the harness is a weak point. This is not only a Silky issue as we have seen this across the board.

The FANNO pony saw is a no fuss top level saw. This saw has a 330mm curved blade made for harsh conditions and everyday use. This saw is the perfect entry level saw for those who have already blown the budget on ropes and carabineers.  The plywood handles last forever which are interchangeable with the well renowned FANNO blade system and the high quality ARS Japanese blades. Combined with the leather scabbard, you need not to worry about it until after summer. The leather scabbard does receive a lot of damage around the top were the blade comes in and out.

The ARS handsaws have supported a staunch following for a long time. These saw are innovative and top of the line. The 320 PRO offers a comfortable grip and a plastic scabbard which can also be worn on the leg or harness.  This scabbard also has a locking system to reduce the saw from exiting the scabbard unsafely. Still though, no real advancement on the connection point to the harness.

These are just a few to look at. There are plenty more I am sure as I have used these and others during my climbing career. Stay safe and let me know your thoughts.


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