Aug 20

Queensland Tree Climbing Championships

A great day was had by all at the Queensland Tree Climbing Championships 2012. This year the event was held at a picturesque park on the banks of the Currumbin River on the Gold Coast. The Queensland Arboriculture Association yet again held a successful event, with over 40 competitors vying for a place in the Queensland team.

The aerial rescue sought a comprehensive display to rescue the test dummy ‘Timmy’. This event was well contested and due to the multiple options for scoring the field was closely staked at the end of the day.

The secured foot lock, or the quickest to the top of a 15m rope tested all involved. Some good times were recorded and many of the contestants achieved their best times during the event.

A classy competitior.

Due to the high gusting winds the throw bag event was extremely difficult. Being held in a tall Eucalyptus tereticornis (forest red gum) the targets were difficult and seldom reached. Sadly most competitors reached well below their capabilities for this event.

The speed-climb, or belayed mad scramble to a bell 15m up a tree. This was a high light for the spectators, which at some points during the day reached over 200 onlookers. A great result, maybe even the best yet.  All competitors thoroughly enjoyed this event and good results reflected the talent of Queensland climbers.

The work climb or a simulation of a day to day job was held in a tall Eucalypt. This is the focal event for both the climbers and spectators. This event requires speed, control and poin

ts awarded for completing several stages within the tree and a successful landing.

At the end of the days event five climbers who had reached the highest accumulated score had the chance to compete in the ‘Masters’ event, being held the next day. These five climbers will now also compete for Queensland at the National Titles in Melbourne next year.

The Queensland tree climbing team this year is a force to be reckoned with.

In first place Mark Gistitin showed his smooth and effortless style through the canopy, reaching the highest anchor point early and consolidating on the early advantage.


In second place was Evergreen Tree Careoperator Henk Morgans. Henk showed his usual confidence and overall technical skills to impress the judges. Henk is an essential addition to the team.

In third place was the consistent Stephen Jackson. Stephen preformed a solid and error free climb, displaying all the attributes of a seasoned climber at the top of his game.

Fourth place went to Jamie Montgomery. As a new face Jamie displayed great skill and a smooth and focused climb. Jamie is a great addition to the team and will be someone to watch out for in the future.

In fifth place came the adopted kiwi Zane Wedding. Zane is a fixture at all the big climbing events and it shows in his approach to the masters climb. He climbed skilfully and scored well. Zane is a great competitor and a highly valued supporter of competitors throughout the weekend.

These guys are going to make the opposition sit up watch. This is a high quality team with years of competitive experience and a strong team bond, focused on getting the top result. Good luck guys!

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