Sep 20

Plants suffering from heat stress in your garden?

Mulching improves soil quality and tree health.

Are your plants suffering? Do they have leaf wilt and loss of foliage? Well the recent lack of rain for nearly two months certainly won’t help. We were lucky in previous years to have received a regular and consistent amount of rain fall. The dams filled, our tops soils reached saturation and all our gardens soaked up as much nourishing water as they could.


The good times left our plants a little exposed to the hot and dry times, especially coming into what is not doubt going to be a stinker of a summer. As I look into my own yard I see some sad canopies longing for rain. However If I had not done some initial works to prepare them for this summer, some of the plants may have certainly died?



Here are some good tricks;

-Place a good layer of well composted forest mulch over rootballs and drip zones. This is like a blanket and helps retain soils moisture and reduces moisture evaporation.

-When watering, give a good deep soak, being mindful of wasteful run-off; observe the saturation point and move on to the next plant.

-Incorporate a liquid fertiliser and some slow release granules to boost tree vigour. Wet these in well and look for water saving products    aimed to maximise water retention.

- Shade pot plants where possible and look for signs of poor health and react quickly. Remember it really isn’t that hot yet, summer is comming.

Atree showing signs of heat stress.

By following a few of these techniques you can help keep the plants healthy in your hot and dry Brisbane garden.

If you have any further queries about Plants suffering from heat stress in your garden?Please contact the team at Evergreen Tree Care Brisbane on 0414-815-688. Thank you and enjoy the outdoors.


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