Oct 03

Jacaranda Trees in Brisbane

If you are lucky enough to have a jacaranda tree in your yard or perhaps your neighbourhood is home to many jacaranda trees then you will be loving the amazing display they give us every year. To me this time of year is triggered by the sensory recall of the smell and colour of these majestic trees. I can remember as a child on holidays spending hours in the pool, climbing the corky bark branches and raking up thousands of spent flowers.

In adddittion to the spring flower festival of our Brisbane streets, the Silky Oak or Grevillea robusta is on standby to duet with its deep orange flowers. Together the jacaranda and silky oak, with their purple flush and orange explosion, remind us of how lucky we are to have these beautiful and healthy trees among us.

Jacaranda mimosifolia, in full spring time bloom

Thankfully there are steadfast groups of professionals out there who, along with vigilant tree keepers, maintain and protect these living wonders; For without them our streeets are bland and scorching hot in summer; and where would all the bees romp thoughout the day? If you have any questions or desires regarding jacarandas, silky oaks or any of our spring flowering trees, please do not hesitate in contacting a professional arborist or contact your local association for leads to quality tree care in Brisbane.

For professional care of Jacaranda Trees in Brisbane Click here

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