Oct 03

Preparation for storm season in Brisbane.

Preparation for storm season in Brisbane.

Storms are unpredictable in timing and intensity and can result in great damage to houses and other structures due to falling limbs.

It’s storm season here in Brisbane so if you have not done so already, then now is the time to get all your trees, trimmed, dead wood removed, removal of overhanging branches and clear rubbish piles.

Some tree work you can do yourself, but for working at height, around buildings and property or heavy loads, please call the professionals at Evergreen Tree Care to come and help you out.

When disaster strikes you need the storm, emergency and insurance specialists from Evergreen Tree Care to ensure that your home and family is free from danger and fallen trees and branches are safely and efficiently removed and do not pose any further risk.

The team at Evergreen Tree Care can take you through every step of this difficult time and get you back on your feet and away from danger in no time at all.

Please call mob 0414815688 to make an appoinment.


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