Oct 03

Why should I hire a Qualified Arborist (AQF Level 5) over a tree lopper?

Why should I hire a Qualified Arborist (AQF Level 5) over a tree lopper?

There are many people working in the tree care industry. Unfortunately, too many of them have little or no training and therefore recommend and carry out bad tree work. Often these people will refer to themselves as arborist when in fact they are just ‘tree loppers’ with no understanding of what their uneducated practices or advice to tree owners causes in the short and long term.
It is important that anyone seeking advice on trees should only engage a AQF Level 5 qualified Arborists to provide consultations.  Further if you are engaging a arborist to conduct tree maintenance or pruning works, please ensure they have a minimun AQF Level 3 qualification in Arboriculture

Pruning and removing trees can be dangerous and technically difficult job, and should only be carried out by those who are trained to do so. Trees are also a great asset and can increase property values significantly as well as being large, complex organisms in their own right: poor maintenance of your trees can result in loss of tree health and/or structural stability. Arborists care for trees and provide services that can improve and enhance your tree’s health, visual amenity and long term structural integrity

What Services can a Qualified Arborist provide?

Consultation: Advice on everything tree related, from correct planting of recommended species to tree health, structure and stability.

Tree Health Care: Soil amelioration, foliar applications, pest and disease management.

Report Writing: Arborists’ reports for local Authorities regarding Development Sites (compliant with Australian Standards AS 4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites), Tree safety and/or Impact Assessments.

Pruning: Professional pruning techniques (compliant with Australian Standards AS4373.2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees) to: reduce risk, reduce wind resistance, improve access over roads or to improve the struction of young trees.

Removal: Safe, controlled techniques to remove hazardous or dangerous trees.

Arborists: Are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are trained and equipped to provide proper care.

Management Plans: Long term plans for long lived plants or pruning and management programs for Body Corporates, Shopping Centres and Schools.



As with all trades and professions, there are different levels of qualification for operators and consultants. If you are employing a consultant. They must be qualified to AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) Level 5 Diploma in Horticulture (Arboriculture). If you want a tree removed or pruned professionally, your Arborist must be qualified to a minimum AQF Level 3 in Arboriculture or AFQ Level 3 in Horticulture (Arboriculture).

When engaging an Arborist (at any level), do not be afraid to ask to see proof of Qualifications, Insurance and references. Always get more than one quotation and compare advice as well as price.


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