Mar 23

Safe and Professional Tree Removal

Safe and Professional Tree Removal


Our crews are highly skilled in the practice of removing trees while keeping the people, property and other assets nearby out of harm’s way.


Some trees need to be removed because they are dying, dead, or have damage that makes them a hazard. This can be a result of disease, insect infestation, storm damage, age, or because they have just grown too large for their surroundings.

Getting large trees down safely and efficiently is an art form. Many tree removals require qualified arborists because of their proximity to buildings, power lines, or roadways. Due to the risk to people and property it is very important that you do not attempt to remove such trees yourself.

We can help you decide if and when trees need to be removed. When the time arrives that a large tree needs to come down, we are ready to do the work and ensure that the job is done professionally, and above all safely.


Recommended to remove a tree if it’s:

  • Dead or dying
  • Irreparably compromised (structurally)
  • Considered an undesirable species (weed)
  • To be replaced with a more suitable specimen
  • To be removed to allow for new construction
  • Crowding or causing harm to other trees or structures
  • Causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct with proper pruning


Stump Grinding

Once a tree is successfully removed, the stump and large roots that remain behind can be unsightly, hazardous, and even a source for unwanted pests, such as carpenter ants or termites. At Evergreen Tree Care, we have the ability to grind these unwanted stumps or roots below the ground. We then recycle the organic debris, using it to backfill the resulting hole. Excess debris is generally left behind to be used as mulch but can be removed upon request.

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