Mar 23

Wound evaluation on damaged trees.

Wound evaluation on damaged trees.


A tree is considered to be wounded when its bark is broken so that either its inner bark or wood is exposed to the air. Tree wounds are caused by various agents, including birds, animals, insects, fire, mechanical equipment, lightning, or people and their activities. Tree wounds are classified into three types, depending on their locations: branch wounds, trunk wounds, and root wounds. By allowing Evergreen Tree Care to inspect and find a treatment for the wound it prevents future problems that could occur if the wound does not get treated. This improves the overall health of the tree and allows the tree to use its optimal defences in the best possible way.


Remove injured bark and wood.

Do not enlarge the wound.  Do not point vertical tips.  Do not paint wounds.  WOUND DRESSINGS DO NOT STOP ROT OR DECAY!

DO NOT Break boundaries if cavities are to be cleaned.

DO NOT Drill holes to drain water or other fluids.  Drilling would break boundaries and the presence of the water or other fluids too often stalls decay.

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