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Dec 01

Poincianas In Brisbane

The Poinciana (Delonix regia), has suddenly gifted Brisbane’s streets and yards with a vigorous flourish of scarlet-orange flower clusters. This jewel of Madagascar has long since been a feature of the urban forests within Brisbane city. Some of these semi-deciduous shade trees have existed on older properties for up to 80+ years. Many don the …

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Aug 01

Tree Profile Hymenosporum flavum (Native frangipani)

The flowering period extends to early summer.

Hymenosporum flavum or native frangipani is one of the most hardy and popular Australian indigenous species in cultivation. Hymenosporum flavum is the only species in the genus Hymenosporum making it a monotypic species! The genus closely resembles Pittosporum. It is indigenous to coastal brush forrests of eastern Australia. It has a fairly narrow growh habit. …

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