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Aug 06

Evapotranspiration. The Movement of Water. Environmental Issues.

A Large Gum Tree can evapotranspire 1000 litres in a day!

Evapotranspiration and Global Dimming.   Evapotranspiration (ET) is a¬†generalised term for the transfer or movement¬†of water, as water vapour, into the atmosphere from both vegetated and non-vegetated land surfaces. It is affected by climate, availability of water and type of vegetation. ET is a large component of the water balance across Australia, because almost 90 …

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Jul 25

Myrtle Rust (Uredo rangelii) is a Major Concern.

Myrtle Rust infection on Agonis flexuosa

  Myrtle rust is causing great concern for Arborists and Tree Care professionals nation wide. Myrtle rust is a disease caused by a fungus which is spread via spores on contaminated clothing, infected plant material, insects, wind and animals.   Myrtle rust affects plants in the Myrtaceae family and some of the species it infects …

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